Organizational Planning and Analysis

ITA provides innovative solutions on a global scale through mission analysis, operational planning, and modeling and simulation in the following disciplines: operational planning, training, maritime operations, security, logistics, and construction and engineering management.

Mission Analysis

ITA specializes in conducting detailed mission analyses of military organizations at all levels of commands for service components and developing capability-based assessments at the joint level. After we assess capabilities and identify essential tasks, we develop conditions of the operating environment and measures of performance for each mission task. We are skilled in developing and producing a variety of mission analysis documents, which include, but are not limited to:
  • Concepts of operation
  • Required operational capability/projected operational environment statements
  • Mission, function, and task statements
  • Mission-essential task lists
  • Joint capabilities integration and development system documents.

ITA also examines joint strategic capabilities plans and provides updates to doctrine and tactics, techniques, and procedures for operational units. We review command responsibilities and training requirements dictated by the superior commander’s plans and directives. We also analyze emerging expeditionary missions for U.S. Navy forces and integrate those with that of the other armed forces, particularly the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Marine Corps.

Operational Planning

ITA facilitates cross-functional team actions in support of strategic planning for command headquarters. We analyze client goals, objectives, and tasks and then develop detailed plans, processes, and methodologies for implementation. We also examine component operations plans and contingency plans for capability and support requirements. With this information, ITA develops standard operating procedures, training manuals, and courses of instruction for various command levels. We also collect and assess lessons learned from operations conducted by units of action for changes as they relate to doctrine, organization, training, material, leadership, personnel, and facilities.

Modeling and Simulation

ITA, through our partnership with the Virginia Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center, provides modeling and simulation and analysis support to our clients, which allows them to assess potential, projected outcomes of possible courses of action derived from the planning process. We manage modeling and simulation technologies to support planning, analysis, and training that the client can reuse, which improves interoperability and increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our modelers are not only technical individuals but many possess military and counterinsurgency backgrounds, which afford them a unique insight into anticipating what the model must provide. Additionally, we are adept at using the analysis element to determine how the model and associated support will best serve the operational planners and decision-makers. As the lead integrator, ITA completes the loop by pulling together the modelers; the analysis team, which is composed of modelers, operational research analysts, and observers/advisors; the forward element; and the operational planners.

Our unique approach, which incorporates mission analysis, operational planning, and modeling and simulation, provides our clients with innovative, technology-forward, cost-effective solutions in all of our areas of expertise:

  • Operational Planning
    • Security and antiterrorism awareness
    • Mission analysis
    • Operational support
    • Vulnerability and site assessments
    • Emergency management
    • Disaster relief
    • Civil-military and special operations
    • Irregular warfare operations
    • Expeditionary warfare operations
    • Operations center operations
    • Modeling and simulation/ISO analysis
  • Training
    • Individual-, unit-, and organizational-level curriculum development and training support
    • Cross-cultural competency
    • Weapons
    • Small boat
    • Civil affairs
    • Security and surveillance detection
    • Diving and salvage
    • Exercise design, development, and execution
    • Modeling and simulation/ISO analysis
    • Training program management
  • Maritime Operations
    • Small boat operations
    • Harbor master
    • Port operations
    • Riverine operations
    • Diving and salvage
    • Maritime security
  • Security
    • Threat and vulnerability assessments
    • Security planning and operations
    • Surveillance detection
    • Security program management
  • Logistics
    • Logistics assessments and planning
    • Operational logistics
    • Disaster relief logistics
    • Logistic program management
  • Construction and Engineering Management
    • Engineering, construction, and program management
    • Analysis and planning