Qualities of a Good Negotiator

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Negotiator Qualities

What are some qualities of a good negotiator?

  • You are prepared and have done research.
  • You know your goals and have set limits to the negotiation.
  • You listen carefully and take notes so that there are no misunderstandings in the communication process.
  • You close the deal and don’t allow the dealer to re-open negotiations. From the sales persons point of view, they know when to stop talking and close the deal with a contract.
  • Among other things, you don’t bring along a spouse or friend who sends mixed messages or looks at the car and says "I love that car". If that happens, you have given the advantage to the sales person. You do not want to send confusing or contradictory signals.
  • We discuss this later on, but don’t let other people control the setting. They will use the setting to keep you off balance.